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My friend solusfides made an anti-abortion icon at my request that I thought I would share with the community.

The story behind this icon can be found here. In a nutshell, one of the major arguments in favor of legalized abortion was based on a lie--an extremely inflated statistic for the number of women who were dying from botched illegal abortions. Thanks in part to that lie, over 40,000,000 unborn children have died in the U.S. in the name of "choice". On a larger scale, this icon also points to the way that the pro-abortion contingent lies, obfuscates, tells half-truths, and manipulates statistics in order to continue to advocate "choice". That's not to say that the pro-life movement--or any other political movement--is totally pristine. However, lies and distortions are a necessity to such a political position as the pro-abortion one, since it involves convincing ordinary, decent people to condone the destruction of their fellow human beings. Such things as conquest and genocide have generally required a propaganda machine to drive them along; abortion follows in the footsteps of that terrible tradtion. Also, the icon was inspired by the old anti-war slogan ("Bush lied; 100,000 died," is a recent incarnation). In Tallahassee, where I live, there is a group of people--and one man in particular--who stand in front of Florida's capitol every so often to protest the war in Iraq. They've used a variation on this slogan. As someone who has serious doubts about the justification for the war in Iraq, I always felt a sympathy and a solidarity with these protesters. But, especially as the "Vote for peace" signs began to appear in September and October, I felt a frustration that plagued my thoughts through much of the election season. What is 100,000 Iraqi civilians compared to the 40,000,000 casualties of "choice"? I still have these frustrations about the refusal of both major parties in the U.S. to consistently value human life. This icon is, in a way, my statement about that inconsistency. Wake up, people! Peace begins in the womb, and though the loss of human lives in Iraq is tragic--especially if we believe it is a result of injustice and lies--so is the loss of human lives due to legalized abortion and the lies that support it.

You are welcome to use this icon if you wish. Please leave a comment here and credit solusfides and hymnia if you do.

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