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Rules for Membership

1) This community is intended as a support group for anyone who thinks that abortion is wrong. You may want to ban abortion outright immediately, take a more gradual approach, or think that abortion should never be explicitly outlawed, but you must believe that abortion is wrong. Consequently, since this is not a forum for debating whether or not abortion is wrong, pro-choicers will not be admitted. This is intended to be a safe space for prolifers and as such the majority of our members do not want pro-choicers to be in the community.

2) You must join with your own personal journal - not with that of a fictional character or a real person other than you, and not with one you've created just to follow communities, to record your pregnancy or for any other single purpose.

3)We are a moderated community, so in order to be approved for membership, click the link here and please fill out the survey on the public entry on the community prolife_mods here. NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE BOTH STEPS WE ARE UNABLE TO APPROVE YOU OR MEMBERSHIP!

4) There are several things we look at to detect the journals of pro-choicers who have come here to cause trouble, and unfortunately we might sometimes reject genuine pro-lifers by mistake. If you think this has happened to you, email the mods at the addresses below or contact us via the designated entry on prolife_mods here.

Posting Rules

1) No Personal Attacks. Disagreements are fully expected and welcome, but always be polite. Attack the issue, not the person.

2) Assume nothing about our members – all pro-lifers should feel welcome here: liberal, conservative, gay, straight, from any country, affiliated to any religion or none. Before you submit a post, stop and think about whether any of our members could reasonably be offended by it, and if they could, edit the offensive bit out. Conversely, don’t be too quick to take offence.

3) Keep on the subject of pre-born life issues please - "Pro-Life", in this community means 'anti-abortion'. There are other communities for discussing other life issues.

4) Anything most people would consider non-worksafe, offensive or upsetting (e.g. a picture of an aborted fetus) must go behind an lj-cut with an appropriate warning. As userpics cannot be hidden behind a cut, they must always be suitable for everyone.

5) Anything that you post as a public post is accessible to anyone on the internet so if you are uncomfortable with the idea that your words may be taken and reposted elsewhere, please friends-lock your entries.

Rules for member conduct:

The following behaviors are considered unbecoming for a member of this community and will result in the offender being removed from the community:

1.) Advocating violence against women seeking abortion, doctors who perform abortions, or pro-choice people in general or as individuals is prohibited.

2.)Calling for any illegal activities such as breaking and entering abortion clinics, damaging abortion clinics or the homes of people involved in any way with abortion, etc is prohibited.

3.) Harassing or threatening any person who is or has been involved with an abortion, including through personal journals or other communities is prohibited. In conjunction with this, please do not link to a person's abortion related story or post without their permission. It doesn't matter if it is public and everyone can see it. Please don't link to it without asking them first.

4.) Deleting or removing comments other than to fix a spelling or grammar mistake is prohibited. If we find you are saying hurtful things and then deleting them or just are unwilling to stand by what you say, you will be removed from the community. This also means that you cannot delete comments that someone else has left you due to their offensive nature. If there is a comment that you find is inappropriate, please contact the moderators.

5.) Membership in any hate group is grounds for immediate removal. We will not tolerate our members preaching hate towards anyone. Any person affiliated with a hate group will be removed from the community, because if we are trying to claim that fetal life is deserving of protection we cannot simultaneously treat anyone else as less worthy of that same respect regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, illness, etc.

6.) Trolling in pro-choice abortion related communities is prohibited. While we believe strongly that abortion is unacceptable we must respect that other people disagree with this position. As such, going directly into pro-choice communities, especially safe spaces such as communities for women who are considering or have had an abortion, is prohibited.

Members! All violations of the community rules as outlined will be handled on a case by case basis by the moderating team.If you need to report an abuse in the community, please e-mail all the mods. Don't confront the troublemaker yourself.


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